The driving force of our company and its manufacturing processes is the total quality of our industrial automation systems.
Success generates success

The driving force of our company and its manufacturing processes is the total quality of our industrial automation systems. The great professionalism, flexibility and dedication we apply to our customizable production guarantee that the end product delivered to the customer is a successful one destined to generate more success: to our minds, this is the most convincing argument for supplying nothing but customized products which comply with the highest standards of construction quality, regulatory norms and efficient operational reliability.

Much more than simple production

Our main branch, located in Lumezzane in Brescia province, draws inspiration from an area with a great tradition of industrial production, an ideal context for offering the right work tools to those who have chosen to operate with our same conviction and dedication. Alongside our own organization, various other manufacturing firms lend us their operational and technological support to complete our business offering, which makes us a trusted partner for a clientele expressing technical and mechanical requirements of a diversified and complex nature.

A complete offering

Our industrial automation systems are fruit of the synergic action between our various company divisions, specialized in the engineering and production of customized machinery for automated production. Starting from the engineering design phase with three-dimensional CAD drawings involving the R&D departments of electronics, hardware, software and mechanical engineering, we then bring the production divisions into play with: the CNC mechanical department for the production of components with externally computerized direct numerical control, the assembly department, the system installation and testing department and finally the department in charge of producing prototypes and offering advisory services to the customer, which accurately follows customer specifications.

Customized products

From the automatic feeding and loading systems to mechanical/system inspections of the existing assembly and/or testing machinery, from dimensional and conformity controls using visual methods, to the assembly, marking and testing of robotic parts: all the specializations of our production processes are designed to meet the requirements of a customized product. This is a policy that makes our industrial automation systems the ideal choice for any company demanding fully customized assembly, testing and optimization for its production.