Products for industrial automation systems that lend themselves to being made to customer specifications in conformity with current European regulatory norms. From taps to electronic and mechanical applications, from automotive systems to robotics and pharmaceutical solutions.
High quality standards

Over 20 years in the business of engineering automated industrial machinery allow us to offer our customers total and complete engineering and production flexibility. In an area characterized by a consolidated tradition of industrial and crafted production like that of Lumezzane, where many industries of Brescia province are concentrated, our activity has experienced a growth which, down through the years, has led us to specialize and become a leading player in industrial automation. The factors which have determined our success are: compliance with the highest quality standards, an ongoing research into the innovation of our design engineering process and a meticulous attention to detail during assembly, all of which is accompanied by expert manufacturing and strict testing of our industrial automation machinery.

Flexible production

Our passion for our business has led us to specialize in the production of authentic prototypes made to the specifications of a clientele which, down through the years, has come to represent a wide range of different ambits, each one with its own well-defined needs: this has greatly stimulated our capacity to adapt to special engineering requirements. It is no coincidence, therefore, that our business is focused on highly differentiated branches of activity. In fact, our services are requested in a vast range of production areas: from taps and valves, which are widely produced in our area, to mechanical production, with an accent on the specific controls required by this industry. The other areas in which our expertise is particularly appreciated are the various branches of the production and assembly of electronic accessories and parts and, finally, the production, assembly and testing of parts for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Compliance with regulations

The integrity and professionalism that have always accompanied our business constitute our most tangible incentives for offering a successful product of elevated construction quality on each and every occasion. So, the industrial automation machinery supplied by Logitech Automazione is fully guaranteed and strictly complies with current European Community regulatory norms, as shown by the EC marking on each customized prototype of our production.

Logitech Automazione, synonymous with customization, flexibility and focus on quality