Engineering Design

Technological updating and attention to detail in the production of industrial machinery
Thinking, designing, creating

Our skills and competencies in the production of industrial automated systems primarily stem from the care and attention we give to details in the engineering design phase. A tricky process in which the prototype is conceived, designed and, step by step, produced with the utmost precision down to the smallest detail. Since 1997, this philosophy has accompanied all our projects, making each one of them an occasion for personal growth and an inducement to experiment further: factors enabling us to offer customized products which not only satisfy the highest quality standards and current regulatory norms, but also vehicle innovation and represent a benchmark of credibility and future inspiration.

Technology and future

Our credo mainly lies in the technological updates we apply to our projects. In a field in which technology represents the bare bones of our structure, we decided right from the very first piece of machinery, never to forego ongoing research and the implementation of software, hardware and technological installation updates for our industrial automation systems, keeping them one step ahead of technical experimentation and constantly on the cutting edge in every branch of industrial production, whatever form it takes. For this reason, we have set up two specialized departments to differentiate and complete our product offering starting from the mechanical R&D technical department, with three-dimensional CAD drawings, flanked by the R&D technical department of electronic hardware and software.

Reliability and pragmatism

In an ambit in which flexibility and prompt intervention make the difference between a quality and mediocre service, among its primary values, our company can boast adaptability and a keen attention to customer needs, which enable us to address any type of technical issue accurately, rapidly and promptly. Software programming on PLC systems and the acquisition/management of data with industrial PCs are just some of the examples of the product offering of Logitech Automazione: a highly-qualified market leader with a reputation for being able to guarantee its customers a real competitive edge and for guaranteeing the total reliability of each component in its customized industrial automation systems.