Vision, testing, assembly and mechanical processing systems: a complete range of superior quality.

Industrial Automation Plants


The industrial automation plants designed and built by Logitech Automazione are the best guarantee of quality for an efficient and cutting-edge production chain, thanks also to continuous updating of the two well-differentiated and at the same time synergistic internal units, totally dedicated to mechanical and electronic design. Among its plants, the company designs and manufactures vision systems for dimensional testing and conformity of parts: prototypes entirely custom-designed to give the item maximum adaptability and efficiency, to meet the customer needs, using only components made by the best brands and top of the range in the industry, synonymous with excellent performance and technological innovation.


Since 1997, with the great deal of experience and foresight gained, Logitech Automazione has included testing systems among its automation plants. Automation plants for sealing and dimensional testing, Logitech brand systems for control and stopping the loss of the item, and industrial automation plants made using innovative technologies and specific probes constitute a supply of the highest quality, already known throughout Europe for the great efficiency, functionality, customisation and ease of use of its custom prototypes.


Assembly is undoubtedly one of the main areas of operation of Logitech Automazione, which dedicates a large portion of its production of automation plants to this area. In fact, Logitech Automazione offers a wide variety of entirely customised machinery and prototypes, conceived and designed to carry out the most personalised and innovative production, whatever the field. Among the latest solutions developed for industrial automation plants are installations equipped with electronic movements, motorised Cartesian axes and anthropomorphic robotics systems.


Chip removal, mechanical processing of ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials, measurements in the dosing of powders for melts: the industrial automation plants of Logitech Automazione designed for the processing field are the result of great attention to the design and implementation of systems that are increasingly innovative, efficient and in step with evolution of the market. Designed to be at the service of industry, to support customers and to be completely customised, the industrial automation plants for processing follow a strict eco-friendly philosophy and are aimed at maximum reduction of the environmental impact of machines in order to optimise the energy consumption of companies.

Our industrial automation systems meet the highest industry standards