Superior quality solutions for every field, from taps and fittings to electronics,
from automotive to medical.

Applications for industrial automation


For over twenty years, Logitech Automazione has been designing and manufacturing highly innovative and technological systems for the most diverse applications for industrial automation, with a particular specialisation for the complex automotive sector. In this field, the company develops and produces next-generation and totally customised solutions, ideal for leak tests, cooling systems and oil circuits. Every piece of machinery is manufactured using only certified and guaranteed brands of electrical and electronic components, in order to offer each system excellent performances, durability and solid construction.


The attention to detail that Logitech Automazione pays during the design and production stage of systems intended for the most diverse areas of applications for industrial automation are characteristics that have made the company’s skills and expertise grow over the years. For the medical field, the company designs components for surgery and materials for analyses and diagnostics, developing customised prototypes and manufacturing each item with the utmost attention to every detail, so as to supply superior quality systems always in full compliance with the highest safety standards.


What is the strength of Logitech Automazione? The great versatility of its installations and systems in various fields and applications for industrial automation. In the field of taps and fittings, in fact, the company designs and manufactures plants for assembly and leak test for various models of valves, offering customers maximum flexibility and customisation. The reliability and performances of its production have already made Logitech Automazione a reference point for manufacturing companies in Europe and several non-European countries.


Among the various applications for industrial automation Logitech Automazione works with, the electrical field plays a strategic role, due to the company’s great versatility and wide range of offerings. From machinery for testing and functional control of electric motor components to machines for assembly and control of electrical absorption of motor components, Logitech Automazione develops state-of-the-art systems, using only components made by the leading brands in the industry.

Our industrial automation systems meet the highest industry standards