Software for industrial automation

Research, inseparable from development and growth, is the backbone of our values


Our belief lies mainly in the technological updating that we reserve to our projects. In a field where technology is the backbone of our structure, from our first piece of machinery, we decided that we would never leave constant research and implementation of software, hardware and technological updates out of our industrial automation plants. We wanted to keep them one step ahead in technical experimentation and constantly on the cutting edge in every sector dedicated to industrial production in any way. For this reason, we have dedicated two specialised departments to differentiate and complete the services supplied, starting from the Technical Department for mechanical development and design, with three-dimensional CAD drawings, alongside the Technical Department for electronic development and design, hardware and software. What drives our company and our production processes is achieving the total quality of our industrial automation plants. The great professionalism, flexibility, dedication with which we approach our customisable production, assures that the customer obtains a successful product, leading to another success: the best motivation that pushes us every time to suggest only customised products that meet the highest standards of quality construction, precise compliance with regulations and efficient and reliable operation.


Software for Industrial Automation, Logitech Automazione
Logitech Automazione is continuously and greatly committed to the environment. In fact, we are constantly developing software for industrial automation, mechanical and electronic components able to supply a high level of energy saving and offer the market next-generation solutions, able to significantly reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing plants. The use of eco-friendly materials, the optimisation of energy consumption, whether it is our own or the consumption of customers, the reduction of one’s impact on the environment and the search for green solutions in every aspect of production, allows the company to define itself as highly receptive to ecological issues.