Design of automation plants and systems

for different fields of application

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of design of industrial automation plants and systems, Logitech Automazione is today one of the main players and reference points in the sector, thanks in part to the hand-crafted production background typical of businesses from Brescia. Our headquarters in Lumezzane (BS) has recently been expanded with an innovative 1,800 m2 addition to our operations site and the updating of the fleet of machines and processing centres. The investment in new machinery for the design and production of automation systems, together with the specialisation of the staff and the continuous technical and technological updating, enable us to offer increasingly efficient, high-performance, innovative and cutting-edge solutions, as well as an increasingly complete, timely and flexible service, to meet the needs of a highly demanding and constantly evolving market.

Automation Systems, Logitech Automazione


Among the main services we offer are mechanical, electrical and software design and production for industrial automation, including assembly, testing and certification of prototypes, in order to achieve maximum optimisation of your production chain. For the production and assembly of automation systems we use only components from leading brands in the robotics and automation field.

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Automation Systems, Logitech Automazione


The automation systems of Logitech Automazione are used in a wide variety of industries: from taps and fittings and valves to mechanical processing, machining and assembly of accessories and electronic parts, and automotive and medical parts, providing reliable, high-performance solutions for vision, testing and assembly systems.

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Automation Systems, Logitech Automazione


The company follows the life of the automation systems of its own production step by step, with scheduled maintenance, in order to protect your initial investment. Logitech Automazione operates in Italy, Europe and many non-European countries, providing on-site and remote installation and support services, as every piece of machinery is equipped with remote assistance technology.

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Research and development
for automation systems

Our ongoing R&D activity allows us to offer a complete and customised offer customised
to suit your needs, with the total quality of Logitech Automazione


Specialising in the design and manufacture of industrial automation systems, Logitech Automazione is divided into two main development and manufacturing units that work in total synergy to provide superior quality solutions. Our technical departments for electronic development, hardware, software and mechanical design with three-dimensional CAD drawings are the design brain of our production of industrial automation systems, and are flanked by production departments, such as the CNC machining department, the assembly, plant engineering and testing department and a section for prototype production and advising customers. Our great adaptability to the needs of the customer, continuous technological updating, constant growth of the company and prompt intervention, are the main skills that allow us to proposeĀ  systems of superior quality, thanks also to the use of only components of the leading brands in the sector.

Dimensional Control

Among the standard tests to which we subject our industrial automation systems is a particular dimensional control of machinery, with an additional leakage pressure test up to 30 bars.

Video Control

During our post-production tests of industrial automation systems, we subject them to constant monitoring by means of special cameras that act as a supervision tool of proper assembly and testing of the product.

Anthropomorphic, Scara and Cartesian Robots

Integrated and installed in our industrial automation systems, anthropomorphic, Scara and Cartesian robots are specific and highly technological pieces of machinery able to offer our customers a turnkey solution, including the most innovative and functional technologies.

Our industrial automation plants meet the highest industry standards