Dedicated assistance, scheduled maintenance, prompt intervention: Logitech Automazione follows the life of industrial automation plants step by step, even with remote assistance.


The durability and reliability of the automation system made by Logitech Automazione are assured by the company’s ongoing research and development programme and by the use of certified components of leading brands in the field. To ensure that every customer receives maximum performances from their automation plants, the service of Logitech Automazione always includes installation and commissioning of machinery at the customer’s site, scheduled maintenance and assistance for any need. With response within 24 hours in emergencies and/or for machinery breakdowns and precise scheduling of a customised maintenance programme, Logitech Automazione ensures prevention of any industrial automation system malfunctions at best, fully protecting the productivity of your assembly line.


With a service that is increasingly on time, innovative and specialised in the design and production of automation systems, Logitech Automazione is now active in several European and non-European countries, providing a complete service for the installation of industrial automation plants and continuous assistance, both on-site and remote, thanks to a team of professional technicians. Most industrial automation plants are equipped with a remote assistance card, so that we are always in a position to support the customer in every phase of remote maintenance and repair. The company’s availability to provide assistance at any time can be seen in its prompt response during emergencies and to requests, which takes place within 24 hours, in order to ensure maximum flexibility towards its customers, stepping in promptly for any need regarding the industrial automation system involved.

Over 100 customers

More than 100 customers have already requested our specific expertise in the design and production of automation plants. This is a sign of a successful product and a proven and functional work method, which guarantees total customisation according to your needs and the performances of our prototypes: synonymous with safety and reliability.

A dedicated staff

We have trained a specialised staff for our needs and yours as well. With earnestness and professionalism, they look after all tasks of assembly, draft the software for the operation of components and test the customised prototype, in order to deliver an efficient and durable product to you.

Certified Service

All our assistance services, scheduled maintenance, emergency intervention in case of failure of industrial automation plants, are provided in collaboration with international maintenance teams, which strictly follow the certifications in force, synonymous with total transparency and great professionalism.