Design of automation plants and systems

Technical department for
mechanical development and design,
three-dimensional CAD.
Technical department for
electronic development and design,
hardware and software.
CNC machining department
for the production of
per impianti di automazione.
Assembly, plant engineering,
and testing department of
industrial automation systems.
Production of prototypes
of industrial automation
and advising customers.
After-sales service for
industrial automation
systems and plants

Automation in the industrial sector

Logitech Automazione designs and manufactures industrial automation systems for a wide variety of applications, using top-of-the-line, innovative and cutting-edge products from the best brands in the industry. With two development and manufacturing units, mechanical and electronic, the company is able to design and produce totally customised systems that are increasingly sophisticated and high performance, giving priority to constant technical and technological updating for the development of high complexity and maximum precision machinery, in order to deliver increasingly efficient machinery, in step with the evolution of the market and at the service of industry and customer needs.

A specialised team

Our staff is diversified in specific sectors that guarantee extensive expertise in the field of industrial automation.

Remote assistance for
automation systems

Logitech Automazione is now active in several European and non-European countries, providing a complete service for the installation of industrial automation plants and continuous assistance, both on-site and remotely, thanks to a team of professional technicians able to intervene promptly in case of emergencies and/or machinery breakdowns.

Industrial automation
for multiple applications

Since 1997, Logitech Automazione has been producing fully-customised industrial automation systems with the utmost attention to detail for the most diverse applications: from automotive to medical, from taps and fittings to the electrical sector.

Attention to sustainability

Logitech Automazione also pays the utmost attention to environmental issues: with constant commitment to research and development of automation software and next-generation mechanical and electronic components, Logitech Automazione suggests systems that offer energy savings and significantly reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing plants, ensuring increasing efficiency, functionality, customisation and ease of use, with green and eco-friendly solutions in mind.


The industrial automation systems of Logitech Automazione differ by: custom vision systems for dimensional checks and conformity inspection of parts and sealing and dimensional testing systems; assembly plants equipped with electronic handling, motorised Cartesian axes and anthropomorphic robots; processing machinery such as chip removal systems, for mechanical processing of ferrous, non-ferrous and plastic materials and, finally, industrial automation systems for measurements in the dosing of powders for melts.


Logitech Automazione operates in several European and non-European countries, providing a service complete with installation of industrial automation plants and continuous assistance, both on site and remotely, thanks to a team of professional technicians who respond within 24 hours in case of emergencies and / or breakdowns of the machinery. Thanks to a remote assistance card installed in all industrial automation plants, the company can always support the customer during any phase of remote maintenance or repair.


Since 1997, Logitech Automazione has been involved in the mechanical, electrical and electronic design and production of industrial automation systems. Thanks also to an in-house workshop dedicated to customised testing for our customers, our industrial automation systems not only meet the highest industry standards, but are also fully-customised plants designed with continuous innovation in mind, in full compliance with regulations in force and made and delivered on time.


Logitech Automazione has recently expanded its Lumezzane (BS) headquarters with an innovative addition of 1,800 meters. Investment in new machinery for the design and production of automation systems, together with staff specialisation and continuous technical and technological updating, allow Logitech Automazione to offer increasingly efficient, innovative and high-performance solutions, with a complete, timely and flexible service in a highly demanding and constantly evolving market.