Dedicated assistance, scheduled maintenance, emergency service Logitech Automazione follows the life cycle of your industrial automation machinery step by step. From sale to the assembly line.
A confirmation of quality

Our engineering, production, assembly and testing services for industrial automation machinery would not be complete without customer assistance: the most evident confirmation that ours is an offering of total quality. From the minute the customized prototype for the automation of your production line leaves our factory, we consider our duty and incentive to follow the life cycle of the machinery step by step, with a specifically scheduled maintenance plan aimed at guaranteeing and safeguarding your initial investment.

A guarantee for functionality

A specific engineering project calls for tailor-made assistance. For this reason, we have trained our staff to specialize in the mechanical production and electronic programming of our components in order to ensure that our industrial automation machinery operates perfectly after sale. The long life and resistance of our products is guaranteed by special processes such as the anti-corrosion protective coating applied to our machinery and by dedicated services made available throughout Italy and abroad thanks to our special international Maintenance Teams. These services guarantee prompt assistance within 24 hours of any machinery breakdown and the planning of your tailor-made maintenance schedule to prevent any possible malfunctioning and to safeguard the productivity of your assembly line.

Over 100 customers

Over 100 customers have requested our specific expertise, testifying to a successful product and a tried and tested, functional methodology, one which guarantees a customized solution to your particular requirements and the long life of our prototypes: winning factors that allow for a secure and reassuring investment of resources.

A dedicated staff

We have trained our specialized staff to address our mutual needs. Between them, with integrity and professionalism, they cover all the activities pertaining to industrial automation machinery assembly, the drafting of operational software for components and the testing of customized prototypes, in order to supply you with an efficient and long-lasting product.

Certified assistance

All of our customer services, scheduled maintenance and prompt assistance in the event of an emergency are supplied in collaboration with international Maintenance Teams, who work in strict compliance with current European certification standards, in the name of total transparency and a highly professional approach.

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