Engineering custom-made
industrial automation systems and plants
Advanced industrial technology
Logitech Automazione is a company which, for over 20 years, has been operating with success, integrity and professionalism in the business of engineering customized plants and systems for application in various fields of activity. We are headquartered in Lumezzane (BS), in the heart of what is a traditional district of crafted and industrial production, a context that has enabled us to specialize in the engineering, production and assistance of fully and semi-automatic prototypes for the processing, assembly, testing and fine tuning of your production lines in various branches of industry.

A diversified team

Our staff is diversified and organized in various divisions to offer a wide range of skills in the industrial automation industry.

A specialized staff

Starting from the engineering process, we have technical departments in charge of developing electronics, hardware, software and mechanical engineering with three-dimensional CAD drawings.  Our product and service offering is further enhanced by production divisions with departments dedicated to CNC mechanics, assembly, plant design and testing and, finally, a department dedicated to the production of prototypes and the provision of customer advisory services.

Quality results

The quality construction of our industrial automation systems is guaranteed by anti-corrosion protective coatings on our machinery and by strict pre-consignment tests comprising: dimensional control and pressure tests, with a sealing pressure even exceeding 30 bar. If required by the customer, the plant inspection may comprise constant monitoring by video cameras and the use of various types of robots for manipulating individual components according to specific needs.

A benchmark
for over 20 years

Discover Logitech Automazione, for over 20 years this company from Lumezzane (BS) has been a name to reckon with in the field of engineering, assembly and production of customized industrial automation systems.

Design engineering

The possibility to adapt to customer requirements, technological updates, constant growth and prompt intervention are the main characteristics enabling us to supply prototypes of superior quality and to address any type of technical issue, which certainly gives us a competitive edge in our industry and makes us a reliable partner for our customers.


Our production processes are synonymous with customization, flexibility and a constant focus on quality. Our production processes are characterized by various specializations: from automatic loading and feeding systems to the mechanical/plant servicing of existing assembly and/or testing machinery, from dimensional and conformity control using visual systems to the assembly, marking and testing of automatic circuit components.



Our industrial automation systems comply with the highest quality standards, reflecting a vast range of applications: from taps and valves, whose production is particularly widespread in our area to mechanical processes, with a focus on the specific control requirements of these industries. Finally, the manufacturing and assembly of electronic accessories and parts and the production, assembly and testing of parts for the automotive and pharmaceutical industries and their relative quality control.


Our engineering, production, assembly and testing services for industrial automation machinery would not be complete without customer assistance: the most evident confirmation that ours is an offering of total quality. From the minute the customized prototype for the automation of your production line leaves our factory, we consider our duty and incentive to follow the life cycle of the machinery step by step, with a specifically scheduled maintenance plan aimed at guaranteeing and safeguarding your initial investment.